Welcome to ActivLondon.com we are a group of experts in business that have come together too help business owners in London to further there companies via creative marketing campaigns along with suggestions on ways in which we can improve efficiency and therefore profits.

One successful method of marketing we have found that also improves the efficiency is to ensure all your employees are clearly identified with your logo and branding. Why does this help?

Having your companies logo on all aspects ensures that your brand is being seen constantly to your potential customers. Ways in which this can be done is by investing in company clothing allowing your logo to sublimely seen by members of the public who could then therefore end up being your customers.

A further way to expand on this idea is to have personalised identity cards printed which have both the name and photo of your member of staff. This card may also have your company logo clearly advertising your company at all times.

People often struggle to put these ideas into action due to fear of costs associated to the service. We have worked with a number of websites that have allowed us to try and negotiate competitive deals and a great company we have referred to many friends is Lesar UK. They are well known for lanyards and ID card printers see there homepage for more details with regards to the Lesar Lanyards. They offer a full range of products including ID card printers that allow you to print your own cards at will, you can see all the printers. This is the most cost effective course in the long run though there other option of printing your cards for you is also fantastic for a hands off approach. You can see there full range of ID card printers by visiting http://www.lesar.co.uk/id-card-printer I would highly recommend calling them as they have extensive product knowledge, one brand they sell which is highly recommended is the Datacard ID Printers.

To print your own cards you will be required to purchase a printer ribbon and blank ID cards however one printer ribbon can print between 200 and 1000 cards and usually cost around £40 a ribbon making the cost per card relatively low.

Designing these cards couldn’t of been easier with Lesar. You have two options, one is to purchase the software for a small one time fee this again allows you to create as many designs as you like. The second is to request Lesar design the cards for you.

So that is just one suggestion that will help you to get going and we hope to provide you with more suggestions to get your creative minds flowing.

Next we will discuss the importance of colours in your branding. Please feel free to contact us if you would like us to answer any specific questions.